Claudia De Sabe | Tattooist & Painter

Tattoist Claudia De Sabe, is an accomplished painter and tattoo artist living and working in London. Her eye for detail and conceptual design, make for some of the most gorgeous artworks I’ve seen. Hopefully I can make my way to London one day so she can finish my arm 😉 Claudia has a background in the study of Victorian pre cinema art and graffiti. Completely different ends of the artistic spectrum, but somehow she is able to combine them perfectly. Below you will find one of eight glicee prints which made its debut in March during Claudia’s first solo exhibit, “Not only for the Flesh”, at the Eastpak Gallery in Carnaby Street, London. Below the beautiful print, is one of my favorite tattoo pieces that I just could not take my eyes off of. What an amazingly talented lady!