Casey Dienel Releases Imitation of a Woman To Love


Singer-Songwriter Casey Dienel has been rocking our world since her 2010 release of Kairos, as White Hinterland, but her latest release Imitation of a Woman To Love is something especially noisy, passionate, and ever so relatable for a young woman. Whether she is looking for “Mr. Right Here, Now” on High Times, or explaining why she is chill and natural because she in fact is, “down for whatever,” it is almost impossible to ignore the fact that we have all put that act on at some point on our lives. The key elements of Casey’s music are her focus on ethereal vocals that are merely emboldened by her electronic tracks, and of course her songwriting style is considerably in tune with the real life experiences not only of herself, but young women alike. Listen for yourself, click the link to hear the featured track High Times from the album Imitation of a Woman to Love, out now!

Photo courtesy of Casey Dienel.