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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Honored by Crykit’s Playhouse With a Women-Identifying Powered Pink Party

STYLE. ART. and SOUNDS: Playhouse shifts focus during the month of October to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Women’s Rights.

We are back and could not be more excited to rejoin the beautiful Las Vegas community of creatives alongside the Queen of the Scene herself DJ Crykit and the talented crew at No Scrubz Worldwide, in celebration of this month’s Crykit’s PLAYhouse all women-identifying powered pink party!

A powerhouse lineup of women-identifying and LGBTQ+ guest DJs, artists, and entrepreneurs will come together to uplift everyone at every stage of the breast health journey and pay tribute to loved ones and friends lost to breast cancer, while raising funds for the American Cancer Society and Nevada NOW, at the creamiest Downtown Las Vegas clubland, We All Scream on October 14, 2022 starting at 10:00 PM!

Meet the performers and creatives who are breathing life into this beautiful event, and who share why Breast Cancer Awareness Month is important to them.



Michelle Kolnik, otherwise known as Crykit, has built a vibrant brand based on her love for music, infectious personality, and motivation to pursue what she’s passionate about. Celebrated for her playful energy and diverse taste in music Crykit has garnered a reputation as a true open format DJ.

Crykit’s Playhouse started as a vintage clothing IG and Depop shop in 2013 that organically transformed into pop up art and fashion show parties in 2016. The monthly party is a platform for creative self expression connecting others through music, art, dance, and fashion in Las Vegas. Crykit loves to hold space for love, fun, and creativity and curates each month for an exclusive one night only creative experience.  

Highlighting Breast Cancer awareness and celebrating those who have been diagnosed is dear to my heart. Family and friends of all ages have fallen victim. I hope to inspire all to honor self care practice and invite everyone to experience the beautiful, empowering, healing energy all of the performers will bring to the space tonight! 

Dial Jess / DJ Lani Love 

Special guest DJs, producers, and live streamers @dialjess and @djlanilove bring a unique blend of fun to the dance floor. Both long time veterans of Chicago and LA music and nightlife scenes, they spin everything from classic party jams, deep house, hip hop, bass, indie, and left field.

Jess, a DJ since 2006, has a versatile musical style rooted firmly in the funky end of the spectrum. Her collaborations as a DJ, singer, and songwriter have spanned five continents and graced the stages of countless festivals such as Lollapalooza (USA), North Coast Music Festival (USA), Hellow Festival (MX), and SXSW (USA). 

Jess has been featured in numerous national TV and print outlets over the years – as a DJ; part of her first band, indie pop outfit OFFICE; as the frontwoman/songwriter of electro pop duo Moneypenny; with Ultra Records act Midnight Conspiracy; or with past DJ tourmate, Sasha Grey. Since 2020, Jess has streamed as Dial Jess on Twitch to a worldwide audience as one of the founding members of the Club Mesh community, curating real-life and online events. In addition to the stage, Jess is no stranger to the screen, having licensed songs to film and TV outlets like ABC, MTV, and Showtime. . If she looks a bit familiar, you may have spotted her in Teen Vogue, SPIN, NME, Out, Paste, TimeOut, Angeleno, or URB.  

Jess has an upcoming remix for DJ Lani Love’s track “Iced Coffee” and DJs at venues in Los Angeles and Chicago; including Catch One, Clifton’s Republic, The Spare Room, Apotheke, Beauty Bar, Cerise at The Virgin Hotel, Disco, The Garden at Celeste, Bordel, HQ, and Beatnik.

Breast Cancer awareness month is particularly meaningful to me as a survivor. In 2016, I was diagnosed with a late stage, rare, and aggressive breast cancer called Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Having been through the mental and physical tolls of fighting this disease, including chemotherapy, surgeries, and radiation, makes supporting this cause personal.

Lo Dino

Lo Dino, is a multifaceted creative in Las Vegas, NV. She is not only a DJ/Producer under The Rabbit Hole collective, but is also the founder of No Scrubz, a party that empowers female, trans, & non-binary talent. Sought out for her blends of Trap, Bass, & R&B; Lo Dino has been given the opportunity to play shows with Flying Lotus, Chromeo, and more.

“Breast Cancer Awareness is important to me because it is the second leading cause of death among women, but affects generations with loss. Bringing awareness would help by educating us on the importance of early screenings and signs and symptoms which can help women detect it earlier and could save their lives.”


Monro is an independent electronic music producer from Las Vegas. Monro emerged from the Downtown Las Vegas music scene as a member of The Rabbit Hole music collective and has produced music for Universal Music Group since 2019. In 2022, she was a finalist for the She Is The Music mentorship program this past summer. 

“Breast cancer awareness month is a crucial way to drive education and testing for early detection of breast cancer. I think sometimes it’s tough to get the type of education you need to keep up with your health and having a month dedicated to it puts a larger spotlight on it that benefits everyone.”

 CC Elise

Raised in the Bay and living in the lights of Las Vegas, CC Elise is a multifaceted artist – DJ, model, dancer, & actress are just a few talents she shares with the world. Traveling, hunting for amazing food and attending music events fill her time when she is not creating. Getting dressed is her favorite part of the day, setting the tone for how she moves through her eclectic world. 

In every piece of art CC participates in, be it styling clothing, playing a set, performing onstage… there is a feeling of genuine self-expression & freedom. CC’s love of music and her unique balance of masculine & feminine style transmute into all forms of her work. She is blessed that art is not only her passion, but her life. 

“Breast Cancer Awareness Month is important because breast cancer has directly impacted my family over the years. The loss of loved ones as well as witnessing the strength of the survivors in my life remind me that best way to decrease risk is to be proactive. Check ups and knowing the signs are extremely important because early detection can save lives. Breast Cancer Awareness Month aids by continuing to spread knowledge, recognize those who have been/are impacted, and move us toward a world where we can celebrate women winning and outshining this disease.”

Jazlyn Rich

Introducing Jazlyn Rich, otherwise known as DJ J.RICH is one of the hottest rising female DJs in her hometown, the city of Las Vegas. At just 25, the young lady has DJ’d all over the town. From starting out downtown spinning at places like CMXX, 11th Street Records, & Fergusons in 2018-2019, J.RICH just recently made her first nightclub debut at Drai’s Nightclub with local group Simp City. That’s not the only milestone she’s hit recently. DJing for artists like Usher, Keyshia Cole, Bryson Tiller, Mario, & Blxst are just another accomplishment to name a few. One of the many things that set this artist apart from the rest is that she represents not only one culture but three.

The African American, Mexican, Filipino DJ is never shy to let the world know how much she loves her background & her family history. If there’s one thing that we love, it’s the positivity that resonates inside out no matter who crosses paths with Jazlyn. Taking every opportunity with grace & passion it’s important to the young artist that she makes an impact on the community around her to inspire everybody to follow their dreams. Although the DJ lifestyle & industry has a reputation that makes it a bit tough to evolve, Jazlyn has no problem working towards opening the doors for herself & the others around her who are seeking the same journey. It’s no secret that Jazlyn remains humble after every accomplishment – big or small. As she’s learning the balance between pursuing her dreams and working hard to always stay on top of the scene, it’s important to cherish and appreciate those around her who’ve never stopped supporting her. What’s next for J.RICH you ask? The superstar is planning on debuting her very first event, Nostalgia and she can’t wait to share it with the world. The pop-throwback party will feature all of our favorite childhood Disney & Nickelodeon anthems. Aside from that, there’s much interest in working with new DJs, starring in more interviews/articles, and simply seeing where the journey takes her. Make sure to follow the new entrepreneur on social media to keep up with all things happening. The Las Vegas community makes it very clear how much they support J.RICH & she always makes it a point to show the same love back!

Breast cancer awareness month is extremely important to me. It hits home a bit differently due to the fact that my Grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. Cancer, unfortunately, runs in my family so significant times & recognition for things like this means the absolute most to me. It’s important to me that we share our kindness & love with everyone we come across simply because we have no idea what they are going through. Women go through so much on a daily basis so no matter if it’s Breast Cancer awareness or supporting women doing the things that allows them to live every day like it’s their last, is extremely important for me. 


NDKA aka Adriana Indika Bartlett is born and raised in Las Vegas, a second generation DJ, and graduate of UNLV. She’s a lover of all types of music but specializes in reggae, hip hop, Trap, house, and drum n bass. NDKA has a passion for all things music and events. She has had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest event companies in Las Vegas and has played an integral part in bringing some of the hottest artist to Vegas. Co-owner of the soon to be launched company Find Balance Entertainment she has a goal of spreading positivity and cultural awareness through music across the globe. 

As someone with a history of breast cancer in my family and have lost love ones to this disease, Breast Cancer Awareness is extremely important as I’ve seen first hand how this disease impacts people. It’s extremely important to spread awareness of Breast Cancer, educate ourselves, and be proactive about our health. I hope to help make more people aware of the importance of early screening and detection in order to save lives.

Our Creatives

Lucid Juliet

Lucid Juliet was established in August of 2020 by Erin Hancock and Haley Ives. We are best friends/soul sisters who met in middle school, and have both worked in the floral industry since 2014 & 2016. Our inspiration for flowers comes from Mother Nature, music, and feelings. We design each arrangement with purpose, & the intent to evoke emotions from within. 

We started our business to bring love, light, and creativity to our community by sharing our artistic visions. We never could have imagined the journey of self exploration & growth Lucid Juliet would bring us. Meeting other florists, small business owners, and customers turned friends has been one of our favorite parts of owning our own business. We believe in community over competition, and love to support other local creatives.

We are frequently serving flowers for events, weddings, editorial, everyday deliveries, and installations. Our originality allows us to make every arrangement different from our last, creating designs flirting between ethereal and psychedelic. 

We have had so many amazing experiences working with couples on their wedding day, first date flowers, and anniversaries. Thinking of you & Sympathy arrangements are a meaningful and emotional part of the job. It feels special to share love with others during memorable life moments. We also have loved working with brands such as Grey Goose, Bombay, T-Mobile, Klarna, Cann, and ESPN. 

Something most people don’t know about is that being a floral designer is a very labor intensive & detail oriented job. It involves an insane amount of planning, prepwork, processing, conceptualizing, ordering, & endless clean up. Designing the actual florals is a very small portion of our days. 

Lucid Juliet is an all inclusive company, supporting other women, equal rights, and freedom of expression. We value love, gratitude, and empathy, and demonstrate those values in our everyday lives.

We are so excited for what the future holds!

Raising awareness of Breast Cancer is important to educate all people with preventative care options, to keep our communities healthy and informed. We deserve accessible healthcare, to allow us to make the right choices for our bodies that fit each individual’s needs. It’s an honor to be able to support and contribute to an incredible movement.


Wavymonii is a true 90s baby. All of her creative endeavors live in that analog era. A dancer, fashion designer, photographer/videographer and more, Monika’s work oozes retro-cool, from her colorful custom cut-and-sewn outfits to her grainy VHS recordings via @wavy.view.

She gets her affinity for 90s culture from her parents. Born in Detroit with her early childhood years in Japan, hip-hop, fashion and dance were part of her upbringing.

When her family moved to Las Vegas in 2000, she quickly joined the dance community. Soon, she was making her own beanies, hats and shirts for her and her friends to rock. That eventually snowballed into launching her own brand, directing photoshoots and creating pieces from scratch.

Wavymonii uses her many gifts to unlock gifts in others.

Breast cancer awareness is important to me because we have to empower each other to be strong, healthy, and prioritize self care. I have been surrounded by strong women who have overcome battles with breast cancer and some that did not win the fight against breast cancer. I have participated in several Breast Cancer awareness 5k races. I think it is important to spread awareness and knowledge of how important it is to check up on our health and to advocate for breast cancer awareness.

Arielle Mosses

Arielle Mosses is a Las Vegas based nail art extraordinaire. Amazing, impressive, and incredibly detailed creations that make her work unique. Arielle has the ability to translate any artistic vision to her client’s nail. Serving the Downtown Las Vegas community, she doesn’t stop there as she has shared her gift with singer Kehlani and has been featured in Elle.

Arielle has created custom hand painted pink ribbons for Playhouse and we couldn’t be more excited to wear her beautiful creations.

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