Blushie Bath & Beauty | Megan O’Keefe

Where is the scratch and sniff feature when you need it? Mmm don’t these lovely body soaps look awfully delicious? Founder Megan O’Keefe is the creative force behind Blushie Bath & Beauty. Having been a professional curator of the arts and then a graphic designer, Megan stepped away from the corporate world in the fall of 2009 to nourish the growing bath & body company, Blushie. Pursuing a full-time career in the beautifully talented world of handmade. Living and working just outside of San Francisco, California with fiance Joey. “Although Blushie is currently a one-woman show, Joey is the official Lifter of Heavy Things and Loader of the Car. If you happen to see us out at a local festival or market, he’ll be the one securing the tent while I arrange the displays.” Haha she sounds like one awesome gal! Check out her etsy shop and treat yourself to her many Handmade Soaps, Lotions, Perfume Oils, and Sugar Scrubs!