Bianca Hernandez | MUSIC


Over the past few weeks, I have had the privilege of connecting with several local artists and musicians here in Vegas. These women are exceptionally talented, and I couldn’t be more excited to feature them on Raw Femme.

Meet the baddest of babes, Bianca Hernandez, lead singer of the Scoundrels. A former “military brat” turned sexy songstress, Bianca is one of those Rock ‘N Roll chicas who isn’t afraid to be who she is; both on and off the stage. Performing and singing since she began speaking, she’s been writing music since she was just a child. Crediting her trademark “ass shaking” moves to her Latin roots, Bianca cites Selena, The Carpenters, Leslie Gore, Blondie, as well as classic Motown and Doo-wop music as some of her musical influences. She describes The Scoundrels music as “sweet, dirty, melodic punk rock and rebel music. We do what we want ’cause we like it!”. A petite, pink-haired powerhouse of tattoos and in-your-face stage antics, Bianca views her Scoundrels bandmates as her “gang” of brothers- raw, fun, powerful, stoned, and lots of attitude.  Just like her.

It all began on a dusty purple morning in the year 3076 where a fresh fruit time traveler by the name of Bianca “Bananas” Hernandez came across a similar wanderer known as Steve “El Premiere” DeZarn. Steve, a weathered inter-dimensional nomad, explained he was there because he had received Bianca’s dispatch. It explained how she was in search of a guitar playing companion whom she could tear it up with on stage in her new musical venture that would be known as The Scoundrels. Bianca was confused for she had never sent such news, but then she remembered what her abuelita had said on her deathbed. It was only then that Bianca finally understood what her grandmother meant when she said “baila esta cumbia”. The message was sent by her grandmother in order to help complete the family’s destiny, which was to return to their rightful place with the rudest dudes in the kingdom of The Dive. Bianca and Steve began to practice a strict regimen of music and karate while traveling far and wide. They crafted sounds that held truths none had ever heard before, but they both still felt as though something was missing. They continued to explore through time and space in search of a resolution.

The duo went shopping for chicarrones in 1965 on a desolate road in West Texas. The chicharrones were much better in quality and price during this year so why would any normal vato not travel back in time to attain such riches? A fun loving man approached them while they were snacking outside the cuatito where they just purchased their goodies. He was out of breath and his clothes were torn and stained with blood. Steve shared his chicharrones with the stranger as he continued to speak. He explained that he had narrowly escaped death while playing a punk rock show that turned into a riot. An angry aging bartender started the commotion after finding his lover was having an affair with a centaur. Steve and Bianca realized they were snacking with none other than the great percussionist, Luis “Lou Dogg” Mendez, who until then was rumored to be dead. Bianca and Steve new they had found Luis for a reason. He was able to keep them in time and added the rhythm to really get things moving.
The three rejoiced and journeyed to South Texas to drink water from the well of insight. As they celebrated the newfound collaboration they fell into a world where liquid dripped up and zebras had spots. The javelina’s tusks were play-doh -like and tasted of candy corn but with chocolate trails in the center. It was a world even the most seasoned thrill-seeker had never seen. It was a really groovy place, man. They awoke the following afternoon and realized they had been strapped down into identical beds so they could not move. A peculiar man with extra long flowing hair hiding his face made his way into the room where they all were unsure of their fate. The man wore all black and spoke in a low voice. The three nervous musicians could not understand what this man was trying to tell them. He flipped his hair and revealed himself at last. “Orale guey!” With a grin from ear to ear he explained how he found them all sleeping. He was told by a small old woman carrying a white veladora to keep the sleeping crew warm as they held the key to his future. Bianca’s abuelita had saved the day from beyond the grave once more. Through their slumber they had called upon the psychic Rodrigo “Rigo” Flores. They discovered Rigo was actually not only a psychic but an elder in his community where he had achieved much power in the art of bass. Now the Scoundrels were complete and the band of like minded chicanos were able to begin their odyssey. Together they shall ascend to the kingdom once again at the top of the hill next to Los Tacos.

You can catch Bianca and her gang of brothers, tonight at the Las Vegas Country Saloon @ 8:00pm. Be there or suck 😉