Art21 to Release New Film:”Sarah Sze: Emotional Time”

Art21 is proud to announce the premiere of “Sarah Sze: Emotional Time” on Wednesday, June 7, at 12:00 PM ET. The second 2023 release of Art21’s digital film series, Extended Play, “Sarah Sze: Emotional Time” offers a look into the artist’s newest exhibition at New York’s Guggenheim Museum.

“Every artwork is a timekeeper; it is a time capsule of what it means to be alive,” says artist Sarah Sze. “Art can show you how time is marked through emotion like no other medium.”

This film follows Sze as she reveals the thought processes and motivations behind her latest exhibition, Timelapse, at New York’s Guggenheim Museum. Responding to the museum’s iconic spiraling architecture and reflecting on the passage of time during the pandemic, the artist created paintings, sculptures, and video installations that explore the unique ways that art can help us mark and measure the passage of time through emotion.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Sarah Sze because her interests are so aligned with ours as documentary filmmakers.” says Director Ian Forster. “Much like how our films aim to capture and share private creative moments, her work foregrounds and reveals its own making.”

Tune in to the premiere of “Sarah Sze: Emotional Time” on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, at 12PM ET at and on Art21’s YouTube channel at

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