Ariana Deats | Designer

Ariana Deats is a talented designer and maker of The Odd Portrait, a fashion project which started from the exhausting searches of malls, boutiques, and speciality online stores for those unique clothing accessories that we longed for that just did not seem to exist anywhere. Everything made by Ariana is 100% authentic in it’s design, creation, and materials. No two items are ever exactly the same. All materials are hand selected then crafted based on how they feel and shape. She takes pride in the unique details and
characteristics that are present in the natural contours and construction of the raw material. The small rips, tears, and what some may characterize as imperfections, we feel tell a story of where the item has come from and what is has in turn become. The items are not made to look like they rolled off of a factory assembly line or stamped out of a mold and press like thousands of others. “We hope we have made something fascinating and imaginative as possible without appearing generic and ordinary. A little odd if you will.”

“We are based in Las Vegas Nevada and I have been designing, drawing, painting and creating for pretty much my whole life. In 2012 I had my first child and with the down time of pregnancy I was able to start the being of this adventure. The inspiration for the majority of the works you see on here will be from a love of music from 90s grunge alternative to the start of the punk rock music scene and pretty much anything that falls in between and of course good old fashioned rock and roll. Post apocalyptic movies, outdoor hippie music festivals anything creative odd and interesting basically have all laid a hand in what you see here. One of the biggest influencers would be a slight obsession with Alice in Wonderland as well.

Having been in retail for nearly 12 years it was time to venture out into the new and unknowns of being an entrepreneur no risk no reward as they say. I truly love doing this that is why I do my best to keep my prices reasonable and make it affordable for the artistic adventures to the moms to the struggle artist musicians and what not. This is a down to earth company and brand we love to make fun of ourselves and laugh as much as possible everyday. We live by the punk rock state of mind and incorporate that in our life and brand be free be free be somebody be nobody wear leggings…..Having worked for some hoity–toity brands in the past I birthed this baby as the anti of that. We take our quality and customer service extremely seriously but everything is fare game.”

The collaboration is growing, and they soon hope to incorporate festival fashion, rock and roll fashion and hippie rocker type clothing, as well as a plethora of band tees since we adore and are passionate about music. I can’t wait!

”It’s more than art it’s more than designs it’s a means of survival.” – The Odd Portrait

Check out a few of Ariana’s designs below and be sure to support this amazing designer. Love her!