Amber and Little Criminals

Hey all, allow me to introduce my new favorite crooner Amber Lee of Amber and Little Criminals. Amber is a Brooklyn based indie/folk artist who proudly writes life songs, not love songs. Originating from Ontario, Amber has always felt like an artist at heart. She majored in film at Concordia, followed by studying business at both the Richard Ivey School of Business in Canada and The Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands. It wasn’t until the summer after her 19th birthday that she began playing the guitar and penning songs to accompany. She was hooked and quickly thereafter she worked her way out of the living rooms of friends and onto the stage of various venues across Canada and new york city, as she eventually accepted her calling. Her captivating voice is one you’ll immediately love and be drawn to. Her lyrics flow beautifully with each arrangement, backed by breath-taking instrumentals from bandmates Stefanie Bassett (Piano), Dan Wintersteen (Drums & Percussion), Larry Heinemann (Electric bass) and Alex Nguyen (Trumpet and Flugelhorn). Check out one of my favs, “Stages”, above and be sure to visit their iTunes page and snag yourself a copy of this great album!