Amber Kekich-Purling | Fashion

Fashion is an everlasting cycle which in turn invigorated designer Amber Kekich-Purling to uniquely form a succession of style with her own creation – AGAIN, launching for fall 2011. Kekich-Purling utilizes distinctive trends from the past that transgresses into a chic adaptation of the present. AGAIN effortlessly modernizes elements by revamping iconic shapes and transforming them into simple, wearable pieces. AGAIN gives a new meaning to edgy glamour yet the foundation of the line is timeless and classic, making it the core to one’s wardrobe. AGAIN embarks on an adventurous journey, making fashion available to all types of women while allowing them to build their character, live their own past and create their own future. The California bred collection is rejuvenating today’s fashions with its stunning and eclectic look, with goals to not only create a collection, but a lifestyle. With a life-long vision of being a fashion designer, Amber Kekich-Purling turned her fantasy into a reality. While grasping the concepts of the industry she always kept her heart on the pulse of fashion, designing, blogging and photographing. Amber’s deep rooted passion to convey her style sensibilities and character into wearable forms of art eagerly determine the young, charismatic designer to make a mark through her own line. She aspires to create something different, something new. Turning her innovative visions into something real, Amber’s aesthetic is mirrored through her own collection, AGAIN. Amazing line, amazing lady. Support!