16th Colony | Fashion

After years as an apparel designer for other brands, Renee Rogers has grown impatient with the traditional ways of the fashion industry. With the launch of 16th Colony she is branching out to play by her own rules.

Renee graduated from FIDM with a degree in Fashion Design and always knew she’d one day launch her own line. After an entire summer of wearing the same poncho over and over with a pair of cut off shorts and combat boots, Renee knew that outerwear in California is definitely necessary anytime of the year despite the common conception that it’s constantly 83° and sunny. On top of that, the feeling of being able to throw on a poncho and go, evoked a very carefree and artistic attitude.

16th Colony represents a shift in the fashion industry – it’s about designing freely and taking the time to ensure that all aspects of each piece – from the fabric choice to the construction details – are exactly right. This is a type of creative freedom and attention to detail that can only exist outside the constraints of the traditional rigid production calendar that most brands are restricted to.

Check out one of her many lookbook videos below. Then head over to her website, shop and support this talented lady!