Momma named me Amanda, but you can call me Rawky. Welcome to the world of Raw Femme. I am the necktie obsessed founder and heel hoarding editor of this blog, doing my best to represent ALL women who breathe art and its many forms.

Raw Femme is a stand for women everywhere, with a story to tell. Not just a blog, but a society that brings ambitious and strong women together. Collaborative of music, networking tool, and revolution! I want to welcome all women with a love for the arts to join this movement. Let's change the world, one tie and pair of heels at a time.

I never shy away from an opportunity to share your gift with the world. Feel free to email me at if you're interested in being featured on or in a Raw Femme Podcast on iTunes! Together, let us unite all our artsy lady friends and those who cheer us on! :)

x/o Rawky

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