"Z" by SZA | Music

I'm obsessed with "Z", the newly released album by the lovely SZA. The St. Louis born, New Jersey raised singer/songwriter is making waves in the indie world with her brilliant collection of Synth-Pop/R&B sound. Check out one of my favorite tracks below and visit her site for more info. Love her! x/o

Artist | Myfanwy MacLeod

I'm currently visiting Vancouver, Canada, and had an opportunity to check out the Vancouver Art Gallery. I have been to several art shows in my lifetime, but never to a real art gallery. What an experience! In its 83rd year, the Vancouver Art Gallery is one of the largest art museums in Canada and is reflective of the creative energy, artistic excellence and progressive style that Vancouver is known for around the globe.

Offering four floors of beautiful exhibitions, I found myself drawn to the second-floor landing where some of the coolest pop art was displayed. Vancouver-based artist Myfanwy MacLeod, the subject of a 15-year survey of her sculptures, paintings, and mixed-media installations, focused her exhibition on the 1970s examining the legacy of Led Zeppelin, the fantasy literature of J.R.R. Tolkien, the cult of the Chevy Camaro, and the tragic story of used, abused, and murdered Playboy model Dorothy Stratten. But I have to admit that my favorite piece was definitely the Led Zeppelin inspired Stack resembling a wall of Marshall amps. Her work is awesome!

Thank you, Myfanwy, for helping make my first art gallery experience a great one. x/o

Nineteen MP3 | Lauren Coutts aka Azura

Brizzy high school student Lauren Coutts is a fan of strawberries, streetlights and twisting out astronomy inspired tunes. Lauren's music combines a unique mix of indie and electronic sounds. With oceans of Daughter-like reverb and telling stories of broken ribs, her sounds have filled the hollows and halls of Brisbane for the past 18 months. The 16 year old's alternative style engulfs listeners and aims to heal the unseen.

Visit her Soundcloud for a few more tunes from this angelic beauty. Oh, and download the gem below for free. You're welcome. ;) Love her! x/o

MYRRH Jewelry | Mor Elian

MYRRH is a line of hand-made artisan jewelry, from Los Angeles, California, all made organically by Mor Elian.

All handmade, organic, and completely unique, the geometric adornments are inspired by acrobatic tricks like tightrope walking and trapeze-hanging. Each piece is a sweet contortion of edge and grace that mirrors the maneuvers of an Olympian gymnast.

Visit her Etsy page to see more of her work and support this talented lady.

Love her! x/o

Artist | Miss Van

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the work of the incredibly talented, Miss Van. I mean, wow. I'm almost left speechless by her artistry.

Miss Van started wall-painting at the age of 20, in 1993, initiating the feminine movement in Street Art. Originating from Toulouse, France and having spent most of her artistic life in Barcelona, Miss Van has traveled the world painting her instantly recognizable women on the streets, as well as on canvas. She has exhibited extensively for decades worldwide in Europe, USA and Asia.

Miss Van’s recent artistic pursuits have taken her to Los Angeles, Miami , Spain and Brazil, which hallmarks a recent return to street art, after several years spent solely painting in the studio, charging her new works with increased depth, emotion and an elevated romantic darkness and delicacy. Her iconic sultry female characters reappear in sensual yet dark animal masks and evolving environments.

“I’m evolving and growing up with my paintings. It’s the only way, when you paint with emotions and feelings. I’m trying to be true with myself.”

Below you'll find a video of Miss Van creating a visual masterpiece  - "Women on the Walls." Love her! x/o

Heart-Shaped Box Cover | Kawehi

This talented lady does it again! Check out Kawehi's amazing cover of Nirvana's Heart-Shaped Box.

"The Godley and Crème-inspired vocal harmonies that open the performance to her collapsing-marionette slump at the end — topped off with a smile that says, "Yeah, I got this." -

Enjoy this amazing one-woman band and head over to her website where you can find more mesmerizing tunes. Love her! x/o


Primal Rumble | Gretchen Lohse

I was thrilled to receive an email from musician, Gretchen Lohse, introducing me to her beautiful musica. Gretchen is a native Philadelphia singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She comes from a family with deep music roots and was classically trained on violin, which is evident on her recordings. As the front woman of Philadelphia psychedelic folk rock band Yellow Humphrey, she dreamt up rich, strange musical tapestries; Part memoir and part tall tale, heavily influenced by folklore and silent films.

Her debut solo album continues to draw from these influences while delivering them in sparse arrangements with understated layers. The songs are stories, built around Lohse's vocals and guitar and then infused with flutes (Naeemah Maddox; Donn T, Paper Masques), strings, and more surprisingly, warm analog synthesizers provided by Thomas Hughes (The Spinto Band, The Music Tapes). At times you'll feel the intimacy of being alone in the room with her and at others you'll feel transported into other dimensions.

Lohse further extends this dichotomy by integrating sounds mined from her collection of old, warped VHS home movies. The ghostly sounds of voices, birds, and other noises are distorted and woven within the mixes, creating a blend that is both eerie and familiar. This technique is a perfect accompanied to Lohse's songs, which are personal and otherworldly.

Take a listen to her beautiful track, Primal Rumble. Then head over to her Bandcamp page and enjoy her album in its entirety and support this awesome lady.  

Made In Heights | Music

"Sometimes our dreams are so brilliant and our desires so mysterious that we lock them deep inside ourselves to feed and play with only when we sleep. As if acknowledging them in waking life will betray the veil of control we shroud around our lives. But sooner or later every thought becomes manifest, and every dream finds a way into this world, whether by will or by war."

Made In Heights started as a series of hang outs in New York where Kelsey Bulkin and Alexei Saba would walk a lot, talk a lot, and eat at bodegas. They explored the wilderness of our ideas, the steep and elegant climbs of our imagination, the desires trapped inside of them, and the murky mistakes that seem imperative to the process of becoming true.

MIH is my favorite find of the week. Their Sexy/RnB/Electro sound (hard to describe any other way) has definitely left me wanting more. Check out their full album below and visit their website for a free download of their track "Death" - love them!

Blackjove Styling | Leah McMullen and Carrie Erickson

Style consultants, Leah McMullen and Carrie Erickson, specialize in menswear and hospitality. I've always been a fan men's clothing and its simplicity. Men and women can definitely learn a few tips from these awesome fashionistas. These gals run the Twin City fashion scene, but work all over the United States, from Los Angeles to New York.

"We help you find your own individual style. We don’t have one significant point of view on how men should dress and we definitely do not want all of our clients to look the same. Your personality, lifestyle and daily reality must be reflected in our styling work with you."

Leah McMullen (right) studied Kung Fu fashion with zen masters on top of a mountain. Her experience lends her a spiritual non-violent type quality of total fashion comprehension. She knows what you want to wear even before she’s ever met you. In the stillness you’ll sense her calmness.

Carrie Erickson (left) was raised roping wild horses on an Australian mountain range. She can show haute couture who’s the boss with her bullwhip and down to earth cowgirl sense. From Paris to Milan to Manhattan she’s left behind a trail of busted up sissy pants now dressed in a tough rugged style. Her boots were made for ass kicking.

For information about styling packages and more check out

Love this lady duo! x/o

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